Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1
The use of this web site is at your own risk.

Rule 2
Provide only your basic needed information (ex. email, mailing address, cage sizes, etc...). Your phone number is optional within the USA and only used for shipping purposes, outside of the USA it is required by all shipping companies when placing a order. I believe in staying web smart and urge customers to do the same.

Rule 3
Products are use at your discretion. While some products are great for one, another may find them not to their needs. I take no responsibility for the use of products. If you have a need or concern, such as you need something that is also safe to be chewed on, because your pet has a frequent fabric snack fixation, by all means please ask or make a comment when ordering.  While a few items can not be altered for reasons, most things can be made to accommodate with no extra cost, reduced cost, and on occasion a small extra.