Bonding Pockets

Bonding Pockets help you keep your loved ones close to you and allow you to keep both hands free.

All Bonding Pockets have a generous length strap that you can adjust the length to your comfort.

Made with cotton or flannel print with a fleece interior and layer of batting along the sides. At the bottom center is a layer of absorbent cotton to help absorb any accidents to keep you both dry. Also, the bottom has a curved "D" shape to allow more comfortable leg room. Each size includes a mesh cloth window to allow you to easily see in and allow plenty of fresh air in. Zippers are optional. 

(W x D x H)

     • Small - Premade when available
approx. 10" x 5" x 5" with 2" x 4" window,  accommodates 1 rat or hedgehog
     • Medium - approximately   12" x 5" x 12"  with 4" x 4" window
                  accommodates 1 guinea pig or cuy
     • Large - approximately   15" x 5" x 15" with  7-8" x 7-8" window
                 accommodates 1-2 ferrets or 1 cat or miniature/small dog
(10lb max)
$20.00 ea

comments and/or requests
$25.00 ea

comments and/or requests
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