I like unique. I like different. Always have, always will. With a imaginations that gets inspired easily from every day life, a need to give it a outlet, a life long passion to create things, mix in love for animals with a dedication to guinea pigs, and sewing.  

One day my kids father decides to give me a guinea pig after over a year of not finding the 'right' dog for my, at time, apartment living. It's love at first sight for me, Shakes took a bit longer in gaining trust, but he did quickly. Looking back, it's easy to see, I needed him just as much as he needed me.

In 2003 I started making cage blankets, pockets (aka cozy), pads, tunnels, and houses. What I didn't expect was others asking to make some for them as well. At the time, there wasn't anyone dedicated to sewing for the piggies!  The requests was becoming greater, both internet and people driving by thinking things hung out to dry was for sale. In 2004 products became available to order regularly on line, and for a brief time on KM's Hay Loft, until that very (very!) quickly got to be a bit much for both of us to keep up with. As they say, the rest is history.

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