Q & A

What are the benefits of using fleece?
Fleece is used to wick wetness away from your pet.
This results in a dryer surface that your pet uses all day. Additionally, a dry area will help cut down on bacteria that can grow on wet feces (poop) that can make your loved on ill.
What makes The Original Cage Blankets a wise choice?
Cavy Comforters are made with materials to help cut down the bacteria growth that can happen with layered fleece and towels or pads. This helps to aid in fighting against URI's and other health problems.
I'm in another country, can I still place a order?
Yes! With customers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Switzerland just to name a few. Customs fees are your responsibility, please make yourself aware of your country's regulations.
What is the cost differences of Cage Blankets vs. other bedding?
The following information is based on once a week full cage cleaning for a single 2x4 C&C (approx. 30"x60") cage size for throw away bedding and two full cage cleanings for Cage Blankets in one week of time in 2005.
Cost references of throw away bedding was taken from local  KC, Missouri Target and Wal-mart stores. Fleece cleaning cost is based on local self serve laundry shops with a top brand powder laundry detergent (gain). No shipping or travel time is calculated.

Kiln Dried Pine approx. monthly cost:  $25.00
Pine Pellets approx. monthly cost:  $40.00
Care Fresh approx. monthly cost:  $72.00
   (2013 - cost has risen significantly on all above)
Original Cage Blankets approx. monthly cost:  $17.00
   (2018 - cost has only risen 2-5 dollars depending on city utility costs)
I have a pet with a medical concern, what can you do for him/her?
There are many ways that medical concerns can be best accommodated for, a few are sight, neurological, walking, and arthritis to frequent and reoccurring problems such as bumblefoot, wet buttocks, URI's, and impaction.
There is many health related issues that customers found items was the first and last resort they needed, weather seeking items specific for them, or problems mentioned in passing when placing their order.
How easy are your products to care for and clean?
Easy! Shake out, brush off, and/or vacuum items to remove hay and debris that would clog your washer. Start washer and add powder detergent, let it fill a little so it dissolves easier then place items in washer. Do not overfill, things should be able to move around easily when full with water. Pockets, cozies, tunnels, houses, and other items, I recommend turning inside out. Do not use liquid fabric softener.
Dry on a medium to medium/high setting. 1/4 to 1-6 of a drier sheet may be used per full load to help with static without harming the wicking effects.
Tip: half way thru drying all fleece items, turn them right side out to get hair off the outer side too.
Do you customize?
Yes! Visit product pages for ordering options or enter further customizing information in the comments area.
I'm on a fixed budget, can payments be set up?
Payments are easy with PayPal bill me later 6 month financing.
What are your embroidery guidelines?
Digital embroidery is currently unavailable.
Freehand is always available.

Childs (human) names are not placed on any clothing item, purse, bag, or other like article used outside of the home for their protection. Alternatively please request a patch to place on articles that you can attach temporarily or permanently, as you see fit.
There are many different circumstances, please contact me regarding your needs and what type of fabric, if known. Princess, Diva, Tough Guy, Charmer, etc... are perfectly acceptable on any item. Pets names are allowed on any item in or out of the home.
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