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Seems like a lot of sites have been left abandoned or closed. Because their little ones moved on and so did they, or in favor for social media, it's hard to say, but many have just disappeared. At least there is still a few dependable ones still with us.
Guinea Lynx
Kleenmama's Hayloft
- has bluegrass & best pellets specially for 2+yrs and those with calcium (cloudy) in unine or stones.
Oxbow  -losing favor of this brand

Pet Select  -speedy & often free shipping
  but mites have been a problem for past several years after getting hay.
Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc.
Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc.
Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue
Wee Companions
Guinea Pig Fun
Piggy Lovers United
Piggie Lovers United
Happy Cavy
Controling Ants Naturally
and other bugs