Care & Cleaning

All products are sent pre-washed and ready for use.
Vinegar use with any cotton item is use at your own risk (safe for all fleece items).

Care (most items):
Recommended detergent:    Any powder
    (powder is recommended by fleece manufactures)

Brush or vacuum off items to be washed.

Turn any items wrong side out, such as pockets, tunnels, houses, etc....

Begin filling washer and add detergent. Wash cycle regular to heavy soil. Water temp medium/warm
(not high/hot). Allow detergent to mostly dissolve, particularly any clumps.

Add items to wash as it fills. Do not over fill so items can agitated easily.

Do not use liquid fabric softener.

Dry by line or in dryer on medium to medium-high heat.

If static is a problem with machine dryer use, cut a dryer sheet in 4 to 8 pieces (smaller loads using smaller piece) and add 1 piece while drying to help reduce static. Alternatively, reuse a previously used full sheet.
(we do this every load without it effecting the wicking effects of the fleece and helps keep things softer).

Human Clothing Care:
Headbands wash with regular clothing, no special care needed.
Shirts, shorts, and other articles, see manufacture tag.
Hoodies & jackets by WindeSpirit (no manufacture tags). Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash & dry on cool or medium heat setting (no high heat).

Quilket (TM)  Typical Care:
Wash and dry on regular to gentle cycle with medium to medium low heat. Any fabric softener (liquid or sheet) may be used.
Always check the care instructions included for any differences in cleaning care.
    (any special cleaning other then the stated typical above, you will be informed before items are made.)

Wall Hanging Care:
Wash gentle or by hand. Squeeze (do not twist) excess water out. Lay flat on towel to dry.
Cotton hangings may be ironed unless stated in care instructions otherwise.
Do not dry clean.

Lace and Satin Care:
Please see your personal care sheet sent with your item(s).

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