Bedding Solutions
New to guinea pigs or cuys, or well
seasoned, these solutions are sure to
meet your needs and take the guess
work out.
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For Humans
Every day blankets & quilts that can
be washed at home. Custom shirts,
headbands, placemats, towels, wash
cloths, coasters, bags, rugs, and
other items.
Quick mentions:
I'd like to take a moment to say how much I've appreciated all my customers and friends support the past few years. Though I  
don't always reply to the thanks you and/or short story emails, I read each and every one of them and they too help me on my  
darker days even now, re-reading them.  Bottom of my heart, Thank you & HUGS! 
About Us
August willl mark the 14th year of providing
comforts to animals and humans. 
WOW! I doubt Shakes & I could have ever
imagined the new story of our lives
on that day we met.
While the newer
ordering system is
nice in some ways
and the automation
was a big help
when I needed it
most, it can't
compare to the
good old fashion
ways. Customer
preferred ordering
system revamped
and restored.

You got it!

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Paws Pampered since 2003
The Paw Crew's Approved Favorites
The Paw Crew's
Approved Favorites.
Welcome !

Chances are, if you can dream it,  
I can make it!

>> Safety is #1
>> 100% machine washable / dry
>> No unfinished raw edges
>> Pre-washed and ready for use
>> Special needs and/or health  
>> Affordable high quality, old  
fashion values
>> Embroidery available
Featuring:   Cavy Comforters
Cavy Comforter
Cavy Comforter (cage blanket)
vet approved by DVM T. Bradley in 2004
Cavy Comforter
The Paw Crew and Friends Recommendations
Snail House Tunnel
Gumdrop House
Acorn House
Cuy Craft
The Paw Crew and Friends Recommendations
Cavy Layzee
Turtle House
HZ Tunnel
Bonding Pocket
The Paw Crew and Friends Recommendations
Climbing Critters
Hanging Hide-a-way
Hanging Pocket
Corner Pocket Climbing Critter
Climbing Critters
Climbing Critters
Climbing Critters
Day Beds
The Paw Crew and Friends Recommendations
In particular, those that have a window close to them or access to seeing out of, specially from floor height. Please take a simple precaution measure and close blinds, hang up sheets if need to.
Remember, piggies can play statue so easy, and sleeping with eyes open? One can only guess at what sort of damage that could potentially happen to them, and their sight is poor enough as it is. Better not to risk it with such a easy thing to do. 
Stay Safe and think ahead!
                                         ~The Paw Crew
Rainbows !
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