General Ordering & Payment Policies

Current estimated time fulfilling orders not premade:

                                        2  weeks.

Orders require payment in full before your order will be made or shipped.
Please be sure upon ordering you will not need to cancel your order. Once payments are accepted, the materials are cut and reserved for your order or purchased as needed. Should you find you no longer need your order, please consider donating the items to a needy rescue. Refunds are subject to a reduced amount if any supplies/material were purchased.
Down payments on quilt orders can not be refunded after 24 hours should you decide to cancel your order.

Orders submitted will be reviewed, usually within 24 hours. Shipping & Handling fees are calculated by weigh, size, and destination. Handling fees are determined per order and generally do not exceed $3.00 on our largest orders to help cover any large box cost. Payments with installments are offered through paypal.

Shipping Memo: October thru January when fulfillment times are 3+ weeks or more. Orders shipped via UPS during these times will ship on Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays.

Placing multiple orders before your first one ships, such as taking advantage of 2 different monthly sales within one week, I will ship both orders together when both are completed and refund any shipping charges at that time.

Checks and Money Orders are accepted within the United States in US funds made payable to Eric Ross, please allow 7-14 business days for checks to clear. Cash is accepted only for personal hand delivery or pick up. Please have exact amount.  Credit / Debit cards are processed thru paypal which is our preferred method of payment (no account needed).

Monthly sales are honored by date ordered and by time stamp on order submission.

Privacy Statement

Information submitted is for private and shipping purposes only. Your name and contacting information will not be shared with any other party for any reason not enforced by law.


I reserve the right to postpone or cancel any order and refund the amount minus any needed purchases, which will then be used on items to donate. Any order not paid in full will be placed behind all other orders until payment is made, which then will be placed in the line up. Any orders not picked-up, or other arrangement made, within 2 months after first notice is sent that your order is ready,  your order will be donated to a needy rescue.

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All products are unique creations by WindeSpirit and The Paw Crew at time of their design creation.
All rights reserved.

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