Choosing the best Cage Blanket for the small family members.

Cavy Comforters
Best choice overall.
Has that sink your feet in cushion feeling everyone loves to lay on.
Best for problems with URI's, ring worm, UTI's.
Best for problems with bumble foot, wet buttocks, and low activity level (specify issue so the correct fleece may be used).
The young and active adults will find these most preferred.
Any design "style" may be used.

Reversible Smooth Walking Ease (SWE)
Smooth walking surface with a firm, but gentle cushion for walking on.
Change look of cage by using one of two sides.
Safest for those that have a chewing on the bedding habit.
Less bulky then Cavy Comforters, but more dense and longer to dry.
Greatest absorbency for heavy wetness.
Drying time is double of Cavy Comforters or Liners.
Best for arthritis and bone density issues.
Design "style" very limited.
Fleece selections limited.

Cavy Cage Liners
Best for smooth walking surfaces with a firm cushion to walk and run on.
Best for high traffic areas that need changed often.
Best for those with small washers and/or small storage space when not in use.
Cost saving for those that have lots of extra tunnels, beds, and soft things to lay on so a soft place to find is never a problem.
Select design "styles" may be used.