Each year since I designed the Snowball house, I've been asked by at least one or two folks if they will be available for ordering. I guess I'm not the only one who enjoys seeing wee ones enjoying snowballs tossed in their living spaces! 

Each Snowball House is made with cotton outside and warm snuggley fleece inside. Two layers of batting keep the soft warm feeling all winter long. Openings are extra wide and have a oversized button (or velcro) to allow houses to have a more cozy feeling for the chilly nights.

Snowball Houses can turn sideways to hang for ferret friends and other climbing critters too!

   •Small - approximately  6" round, 6" tall, accommodates 1 hamster or sugar glider
   •Medium - approximately  12" round, 10"-12" tall, accommodates 1 guinea pig or cuy, or 3 rats 
   •Large - approximately  16"-20" round, 16"-20" tall, + hanger, accommodates 1-3 cuy, 1-2 ferrets or 1 small breed cat.
Summer time use, turn inside out to make into a bed!!

6" round

$9.00 each

12" round

$20.00 each

16" round

$32.00 each
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