Snail House - Tunnel
Snails, are they are tunnel or are they a house?
That's a very good question. Snails are both, all in one! The back entrance is a flap that automatically falls back in place while the Snail is in the upright position, and can be pushed aside to stay open when laying down.

2-3 piggies can enjoy Snails in two different ways, at the same time!
Turn them upright (1st photo) and they are a narrower cozy tunnel-house 1-2 piggies or 1 cuy can enjoy.
Turn them sideways (black snail with cuy inside) and they have a very roomy sleeping chamber that allows one to nap while others can pass by. Toe tripping of passerby's, snoozer choice.

Snails are made with foam inside solid color fleece bodies, and your choice of cotton, flannel, or fleece outter shell. Eye color will be chosen for you.

Size:  17" long, 9" tall, and 9" wide.

Savings option:   foam can be substituted with two layers of absorbent cotton if you intend to use your Snail on its side, as shown with the cuy in the black snail below.

Ferrets, rats, and other climbers interested in a fun upside down Snail?  Not a problem, just select for hanging loops.
If you prefer batting instad of foam or cotton used in the sides of your Snail, that is also a cost saving option.

Pad sizes that fit with Snails - Interchangable for upright us, Designer Snail Pads for side-ways use (round 12" pads also fit well).

Snail, med

17" x 9" x 9"

$35.00 each
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