Small Cuddlers
Comforting Cuddlers, soft enough for babies with any shape of "paw" they have.

Each cuddler is filled with a soft hypo-allergenic poly fill and 100% all fabric. There are no eyes, noses, etc.. glued on that can come off to be choked on.
With the exception of wookies, which are embroidered by machine, small cuddlers are mostly stitched by hand.

Fabric options are to your loved ones personal needs. Any fabrics can be changed unless noted otherwise. In the event that a type of fabric can not be used due to allergies or other health reasons, please make a comment of this so I can be sure none is used, even the type of thread.

Sizes and prices vary.
Aiko Cuddler

3" x 5"
$8.00 each
Cavy Cuddler

3" x 5"
$2.50 each
Cuy Cuddler

5" x 7"
$4.00 each

4" x 5"
$6.50 each
Lukina Butterfly

3" x 5"
$3.50 each
Mukki  Mole Cuddler
3" x 5"
$4.25 each
Pala Penguin Cuddler
4" x 5"
$6.00 each
Syko Snail Cuddler
3" x 6"
$6.00 each
2nd color will be taken into consideration when looking for a print to use or section of, but 2nd color is not guaranteed.
3" x 8"
$6.00 each
Wookies are currently premade only
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