Signature Cavy Collections
Signature Cavy Collections are a collection of products that are loved by customers like you. I've put together popular unique items into each collection making it easier for both, newly owned to take the guess work out, or a bonafied cavy slave, and of course perfect for gift giving too! 

Shipping costs are included on all collections within the United States.
(savings are applied on and to products only)

All Signature Cavy Collections are made to order.

Simply select your preferred options of sizes and types in each category, then enter available fabric numbers from cotton prints and solid color fleeces.

Cavy Comforters are made in blanket styles 1 or 2, please let me choose the style as materials allow.
Should there not be enough of any given fabric choices, I will best match it to another in the theme/colors of your order. Cavy Comforters may also reflect this and get another style as well, as materials and color choices allow.

All collection prices are subject to change with premium fabric choices. 
Tips :

When selecting multiple fleeces, select "color coordinate" and/or  a gender, and up to 3 or 4 other colors to give me a idea of the color schemes of what you have in mind.

To select multiple fleeces, hold the ctrl key and click on selections

On Cosseted and Royal Collections (only), solid anti-pill and polar fleece colors stated as out of stock may still be selected.

Commenting is always appreciated and helpful !
Signature Cavy
Signature Cavy
Signature Cavy
Signature Cavy
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