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15% Off  Pumpkin Houses !
Donate a bed or kennel blanket to one effected by Hurricane

PRICE DROPS - a few various price drops on items
Cozies(2) - Pockets & Piggy Pockets(2) - Acorn Houses(2) - Jar
Houses(2) - Tunnels full size & XW
What's New?

Where should I start is more like it. How about a two word recap of the past 4 years. Chaotic Spirals.
But things are starting to look up  *knocks on wood*.

NEW  -  Suggestion Box
Box can be located on the right-lower bottom of pages.  A small pop up window you can quickly send your suggestions and idea in with. 

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NEW -   Traditional and F&T Cage Blankets have been renamed.
In order to help customers clarify blanket types, I've renamed the
2 of the 3 types to better suit what previous customers sometimes describe them as.     Cage Blankets
NEW -   Summer time Cozy and Pockets. Not so much new, since they've been around 10 years already, but new to ease of ordering. Cozies and Pockets. 
Single and double sizes have a small price drop too!
Other things going on:
I'm learning responsive web site designing! What's that?  Basically allows me to create only one of each page, instead of 2 or 3 different in size, suitable for any device to view, be it desktop, phone, tablet, etc...  And look exactly how it's meant to look!    Patience with me mobile users, I'm getting there!!
Pumkin Houses
Pumkin Houses
Climbing Critter Pumkin Houses
Climbing Critter Pumkin Houses
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Platypus small cuddler
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