Reversible SWE Cage Blankets
Reversible SWE Cage Blankets are deigned to meet the needs of extra absorbency, easy walking, with the ability to change the look of the living area.

Made with 2 absorbent cotton center layers between 2 sides of fleece. One fleece print and one solid fleece may be selected, or two solids when entering custom fleece choices.

Oversized for stated floor area.

If you need further pricing for a specific size, please contact me and include your cage/kennel size in inches.
See also Customizing Tips.
Not sure if these are for you?  Here's some highlights to help you decide:

    Smooth walking surface with a firm, but gentle cushion for walking on.
    Change look of cage by using one of two sides. Wash before flipping sides for these sizes!
    Safest for those with a "chewing on bedding" habit.

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Sizes 15"x30" and less, see Pads

Listed sizes are approximate "floor area" only. Blankets are over sized from the floor area from the typical cage set up of wire grids on the outside and coroplast or other liner inside the grids.
Sizes :
1x2 C&C (15" x 30")
1x3 C&C  (15" x 45") 
1x4 C&C  (15" x 60")
1x5 C&C 
(15" x 75")
2x2 C&C 
(30" x 30") 
2x3 C&C  (30" x 45")
2x4 C&C  (30" x 60")
2x5 C&C  (30" x 75")

2x6 C&C 
(30" x 90")
3x3 C&C 
(45" x 45")
3x4 C&C  (45" x 60")
3x5 C&C  (45" x 75")

Tommy 82 
(20" x 33")
Tommy 120  (22" x 47")

  (Intermediate Kennel) 
Midwestern  (27" x 47")

Larger sizes of Reversible SWE Cage Blankets will not clean properly in a washer due to their size/bulk.
Please order Cavy Cage Liners
(formerly F&T cage blanket) for larger whole sizes.

Or consider 2 or more smaller sizes, which will allow you to change only sections of their living area that need it, while other sections do not. This option saves in the long run on the wear, laundering costs, and frequency. 2x3 and smaller sizes are also more friendly for changing cage sizes, layouts, and for traveling. Since they are already oversized, overlapping them isn't a problem.
1x2 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
15" x 30"

$22.00 each
Note :   when selecting "pick for me, no preferences"  any fabric, print, or color may be used. If you wish to specify preferences, or commenting not to use colors, please use the corresponding selections.

NEW:  Surprise me "styles", depending how froggy I'm feeling and what's at hand, you may get something neat, wild, patterned, or plain. Be sure to select the "pick for me" fleece choices!
1x3 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
15" x 45"

$30.00 each
1x4 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
15" x 60"

$42.00 each
2x2 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
30" x 30"

$36.00 each
2x3 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
30" x 45"

$49.00 each
2x4 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
30" x 60"

$69.00 each
2x5 C&C
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
30" x 75"

$84.00 each
Tommy 82
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
20" x 33"

$37.00 each
Tommy 120
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
22" x 47"

$46.00 each
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
17" x 23"

$22.00 each
Mansion & Estates
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
25" x 37"

$45.00 each
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket
25" x 41"

$46.00 each
Reversible SWE
Cage Blanket

$49.00 each
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