Rainbow House
A older house design has been dusted off, redesigned, and inspires 2 styles of house design, each bigger, bolder, and more versatile.  Each style of house met The Paw Crew with instant success and paw approval!  It isn't to hard to figure out why since some of a guinea pigs favorite (and the humans) features are joined together to bring these creations to life.
Style 1: 
Soft and roomy, this Rainbow House has the ability to be a house, tunnel, or pad. Made with all bold color fleeces of the rainbow, foam, absorbent cotton, and batting. Super easy, press together snaps, or pull apart to turn this house into a pad, and make cleaning even easier, and storage less space.

Rainbow House / Tunnel Size:
11"(w) x 15"-16"(l)

Style 2:
Simplicity and multi-use. Also made in bold fleece colors of the rainbow, this house can span 2 full grids of a C&C cage (about 30 inches), with legs that can adjust in, or further out . Full side panels also have a pocket that you can place warm or cold pack in for extra comfort, and the top has the ability to be a lounging hammock too! 
Frame also can be converted into a double cabana frame with the rearranging of a few pieces and vice-versa, if you already have one and only wish to get a cover.   Perfect for out door use!

Rainbow Cabana House Size:
15" x 30"(w) x 11"(h)
The Paw Crew's Approved Favorites
Style 1 Rainbow
(house, tunnel, pad)


$31.20 each
Style 2

frame & cover


$40.20 each
Style 2
cover only


$21.00 each
requires rainbow or cabana double frame or cozy cottage 24x12 frame
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