Guinea pig or cat, child or adult, we all love soft pillows to rest our heads on.

Pillows are made with all cotton, cotton/fleece, or all fleece and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that have a soft hypo-allergenic poly-fill. One outline design of my choice is stitched into the fabric of each pillow.

Toss Toy Pillows see Toss & Play toys.
Piggie Pillows are approx. 6"x6" or equal to.
Cuy Pillows are approx. 9"x9" or equal to.
Ferret Pillows are approx. 12"x12" or equal to.
Kitty Pillows are approx. 15"x15" and have a fish appliqué
Puppy Pillows are approx. 18"x18" and have a bone appliqué
Piggie Pillows

$3.00 each
Cuy Pillows

$5.00 each
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