Pads are for use by themselves or in addition to other bedding for quick changes. 

Over the years everyone has said they loved their reversible pads that we have made them a standard item. Reversible pads have fleece on both sides with batting surrounding an absorbent cotton center for a plush softness. Extra absorbent reversible pads have two layers of cotton inside the fleece with no batting.

Single sided pads will still be made from time to time in the larger sizes, any requests for them will still be honored.

Foam pads are still endorsed by every Paw Crew member! Highly recommended for those over the age of 2 and particularly those with arthritis.

Bundle Paks are extra absorbent pads  Fabrics used are a mix of anti-pill and polar fleeces, solid colors and prints. There is no choice of colors or prints.

RA = regular absorbency    EA = extra absorbency
Liven up their living areas with Designer Pads too!
If the fleece choice you selected is not available, the next closest color or matching to order will be selected for you. Please check available fleeces before making selection.

$3.00 each

$3.75 each
10" Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $16.87 each

$4.75 each
12" Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $21.38 each

$7.00 each
14" Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $31.50 each

$7.00 each
12"x16" oval Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $31.50 each

$9.50 each
14" Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $42.75 each
Cavy Craft Pads

$4.00 each
Cavy Craft Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $18.00 each
Cuy Craft Pads

$5.00 each
Cuy Craft Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $22.50 each
Interchanging Pads
specially for
Cosset Cruisers
Relaxer Couches
Sand Castles
HZ Tunnels (full size)   and Sleighs

$4.75 each
Interchanging Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $21.38 each
12" Corner Pads

$4.75 each
12" Corner Pad Pak

(bundle of 5) $21.38 each
Cabana House Pads

$9.50 each
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