HZ Tunnels
Lets do zoomies!
6-10-2012  Design Improved even more!
Same great tunnel now with interchangeable bottoms!
Interchange bottoms with Relaxer Couches, Sleighs, Houses and other  common sized pads.

Tops are made with cotton, foam, fleece, and velcro, making these tunnels the easiest to clean ever!
Bottoms are a soft reversible fleece pad with layers of batting and absorbent cotton. A second layer of cotton may replace batting if you desire a more absorbent pad.

    Short - approximately 10"x10"
    Full Size - approximately 10"x14"

(sizes are measured from the base) (width x length)

Fun Facts :
Why are these called HZ Tunnels?
     When we first made these in 2005, our first tester told us what they looked like, a airplane hanger. And then what the piggies did with them, 'zoomed' right on thru. Thank you Greener Grasses Sanctuary for inspiring the name of these fun wonderful tunnels!
The Paw Crew's Approved Favorites
Easiest to clean ever!
A great way to detour those that like to burrow.
Tunnels can also be fully laid out for use as 2 separate pads.
HZ Tunnel

$15.00 each
Full Size
HZ Tunnel

$20.00 each
Don't forget to get some extra pads for changing out, HZ Tunnels are also interchangeable with other items.
Save even more when you choose Pad Paks !
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