Day Beds
Beds with pillows built right in!
Weather it is a corner design or spans across their living space, Day Beds are a great place to take a break and relax for a nap, or just taking a break to watch. 
Cavies & Cuys love the feeling of security, so Cabanas and Canopies are discounted when you add one to your Day Bed purchase! 

Day Beds are made with all fleece, encasing a soft poly-fill (sides), and layers of absorbent cotton and batting.  Includes 1 HA pad.

    •  14"  approx., accommodates 1 guinea pig or cuy
    •  14"x27"  approx., accommodates up to 25lb dog
    •  16" heart  approx., accommodates 2 guinea pigs or cuy

Base sizes do not include the sides, which can extend the overall size up to 7 inches.
Height is approximately 4"-6" tall.

NEW: Absorbency Option - removing absorbent cotton for those that do not want or need it, extra batting will be added. Encouraged option for ferrets, cats, and dogs.  Choice available with pads also.
Perfect to use for a boost over divided areas.

10% savings on extra pads when you add 3 with your Day Bed.
2nd optional fleece for Day Beds will be used in the most eye pleasing effect with your selected bed fleece. May be used at any place on the bed and/or pad. If you wish a different color fleece for each section of the bed, sides, and pad, please enter MIX  as your bed fleece and colors/prints will be choose for you in complimenting manner .

"MIX" fleeces

Half Size

Half Size

Full Size

Full Size

"MIX" fleece

Day Bed

$17.00 each
Day Bed

$27.00 each
Corner Heart Day Bed

Design being updated
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