Donating to Rescued and Emergency Responses
August 28th, 2017 till further notice
Making and collecting for:

Hurricane Harvey
victims & evacuees

This page is set up for those who wish to donate a bed, cozy, or other items that may be appropriate to the needs at the time.
Thank you all for your part in helping to help others.    
Shipping is waived/provided for all items on this page.

Adding any item on this page to your current order is permitted and encouraged.
If all items in your order is intended to be donated but not all are listed on this page, please let me know before you send payment so I can remove any shipping charges and send you a new invoice for payment.

I will be selecting the fabrics to ensure the right ones are selected for the current needs and any special needs that are known.  Thank you.
Special pricing:
Small Animal Bed
$7.00  ea
Cat Bed
$12.00  ea
Med. Dog Bed
$16.00  ea
Lg. Dog Bed
$22.00  ea
Cage / Kennel Blankets
$10.00  ea
Corner Pockets  (cozies)  (various will be made also to hang for ferrets, rats, squirrels, etc... )
$10.00  ea
Softy Hay Rack & hangable pellet holder
$5.00  ea
Kids Flannel Blanket & fleece pillow with blanket pocket  
$20.00  ea
Comforting stuffed Toy Animal (human sized)
$7.00  ea
Wish to contribute to gas funds $5.00  denominations
(2 quantity = $10, etc....)
gas funds will go towards transport of animals both with and without their humans.

Recognizing the folks who helped in donations:          Corrine DeFago
UPDATE:  8-30-2017    Kennel/cage blankets are most requested by shelters at this time.
If you wish to donate in other ways, for food, collars, leashes, bowls, etc... please see a post made here.
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