Cuy Crafts
Cuy Crafts are the larger version of the Cavy Craft that little paws rev up for. Cuy Crafts have the leg room and space to really sprawl out while giving plenty of air flow, which helps promote good health. And with the wide view to see in and out of, it won't be as easy to startle their precious hearts when you reach in to give treats and ear rubs. The front area is perfect for them to use as a patio for their paws.

Getting cool out?  No problem!
Fold up the patio area so it meets the top and place the now closed back along the cage side to keep it closed. Wa-la, instant garage with a back door for your loved one!

Cuy Crafts are made with cotton & fleece (or all fleece), foam sides with a arch stabilizer help to keep these in shape wash after wash even after laying on the sides. The base has two inner layers of cotton in the middle, making these light airy designs reversible and extra absorbent.
Cuy Craft Pads are all fleece outside with two inner layers of absorbent cotton.

   •10" wide, 18" long, and 8"-10" tall approximately,  accommodates 1-2 cuy or up to 4 guinea pigs

((no specialty fleeces (sherling, berber, cuddle, plush, or micro.))

pads sold separately

Not sure what fabric to chose? 

Here's a little fact:
All Cuy Crafts shown above  have been "boy", "girl", or "select for me" customer selections.
Cuy Craft

$18.75 each
Cuy Craft

$7.00 each
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