Cuddle Bug Cozy House
Is it any wonder, that with as cute as this cozy house is, it was a instant success and the new favorite of The Paw Crews ?

These adorable houses have 2 smaller back entrances*.
Made with fleece, batting, and absorbent cotton added to the bottom inner layers, they are sure to be a favorite of your family's for years to come.

Things starting to warm up around the home or just want to open their house up more for the day?  No problem!  Just flip over the face and front feet, making a cuff, and viola, you got it. And probably a evil eye or two as well.

Cuddle Bug Cozy Houses features hand stitched appliques of at least one paw print and eyes. Fleeces and colors will be selected to best match for you, but of course, you can always request something a bit crazy if you like!

approximately 15"-16"(w) x 19" x 7"(h) accommodates up to 2 long hair adult guinea pigs, or 3 cuy or 2 ferrets or 1 cat.
Features back doors!
opt to have them stitched closed.
One Size

$28.00 each
*  back door sizes are large enough for 1 adult guinea pig or cuy. If you will be using your Cuddle Bug Cozy House with another type of larger animal or you are just not sure, please mention in the comments area before adding to cart, the minimum back door size you need in width and circumference  (example: 5½" width / 17"cir.) to ensure they have a easy passage.  This may also reduce the back doors to only one.
Or opt to have back doors closed for their safety.
I'm cuter then this bug !
I'm cuter then this bug !
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