Cozies are a long time tradition for many. A warn snuggly place to nap in, or go out visiting in and feel secure. Where ever they are used, you can be sure our cozies will help keep both of you comfortable and dry.

Cozies are made with cotton, layered batting, absorbent cotton, and fleece.  Cozies also include a opening support for maximum air flow to support health, although this feature may be removed upon request.
Fleece pulls out to allow best clean possible and to dry more quickly.

   •Single - approximately 10"-11" x 12" accommodates 1 guinea pig
   •Double - approximately 14"-15" x 12" accommodates 1-2 guinea pig
   •X Large - approximately 18"-19" x 12" accommodates 2-5 guinea pigs / 1-2 ferrets / 1 cat / or small dog
   •XX Large - approximately 14"-15" x 22" accommodates 2-4 ferrets / 1 cat / or small dog

Summer time option - cozies are still made in the same manner, however the cotton is only on the top half and the fleece only on the bottom half. This also makes cozies reversible.
Piglets enjoy a cozy place too.
Notice :
With the growing number of folks using all fleece instead of cotton/fleece, I would like to remind that 'all fleece' cozies should only be used in the coldest of months due to overheating.  Please remember, if you would not wear two layers of fleece in the home, neither should they, specially with a full body of hair!  
( width x depth )

$13.00 each

$16.00 each
X Large

$22.00 each
XX Large

$28.00 each
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