Corner Lounger Beds & Pads
Maximizing cavies and cuys living spaces, corner beds provide better leg room then traditional shaped beds while also providing a little extra running room.

Corner Lounger Beds are made with cotton and fleece with a layers of batting and absorbent cotton centering the base to help pull and trap wetness away from your little one.
15" and up Corner Lounger Bed bases have soft batting layers and/or poly-fil only.

Corner Pads are made reversible with 2 layers of absorbent cotton in the middle, including sides.
   •Design 1 - intended for use with beds or alone. Please order from pads pg.
   •Design 2 - intended to be used on it's own to help prevent spillages outside of cages and/or protect walls.
Corner Lounger (standard)

Corner Lounger (standard)

Corner Lounger (standard w/Cavy Canopy & pad)

Corner Lounger (standard w/Cavy Canopy & pad)

Corner Lounger (standard)

Corner Lounger (standard)


$14.50 each

Height 4"-6" depending on fill

(multiple allowed)
Corner Pad
(design 2)

$9.00 each
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