Cavy Comforters 
(formerly known as Traditional Cage Blankets)
The Paw Crew's Approved Favorites
Cavy Comforters are the original cage blankets designed to meet the needs of your loved ones living area. Designed specially for Guinea Pigs, loved and used also by other animals and people for other purposes, even as play rugs for the human kids!

Oversized for stated floor area.
Made with fleece, layered batting or triple thickness batting (materials decision dependent) and absorbent terry cotton backing.

Cavy Comforters "styles" is the optional way fleeces are put together to make the tops of each. Styles are visual eye candy for you and your loved ones and aids them with their vision, specially as they grow older or those already with lower quality vision.
Health problem to solve? Use Cavy Comforters to help aid in prevention of:
•    Upper Respiratory Infections (URI's) and Upper Track Infections (UTI's)
•    Bumble foot
•    Wet buttocks (due to lazy/ long hair/ walking problem/other)
•    Arthritis
•    Splayed legs

With the exception of the first, please be sure to mention the health problem you are dealing with so I can contact you if there is a better fleece choice, or make any slight alternations needed that is best suited to your needs.

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It's like a quilted comforter, for guinea pigs!

Crazy fleece is the only truly unique fleece that can not be duplicated.
Smaller fleece pieces of all shapes and colors put together to make the most fun and one of a kind Cavy Comforter.
Sizes :
1x2 C&C (15" x 30")
1x3 C&C  (15" x 45") 
1x4 C&C  (15" x 60")
1x5 C&C 
(15" x 75")
2x2 C&C 
(30" x 30") 
2x3 C&C  (30" x 45")
2x4 C&C  (30" x 60")
2x5 C&C  (30" x 75")

2x6 C&C 
(30" x 90")
3x3 C&C 
(45" x 45")
3x4 C&C  (45" x 60")
3x5 C&C  (45" x 75")

Tommy 82 
(20" x 33")
Tommy 120  (22" x 47")

  (Intermediate Kennel)
Midwestern  (27" x 47")

Larger sizes of Cavy Comforters will not clean properly in a washer due to their size/bulk.
Please order Cavy Cage Liners
(formerly F&T cage blanket) for larger whole sizes.

Or consider 2 or more smaller sizes, which will allow you to change only sections of their living area that need it, while other sections do not. This option saves in the long run on the wear, laundering costs, and frequency. 2x3 and smaller sizes are also more friendly for changing cage sizes, layouts, and for traveling. Since they are already oversized, overlapping them isn't a problem.
1x2 C&C
Cavy Comforter
15" x 30"

$19.00 each
1x3 C&C
Cavy Comforter
15" x 45"

$28.00 each
1x4 C&C
Cavy Comforter
15" x 60"

$33.00 each
1x5 C&C
Cavy Comforter
15" x 75"

$42.00 each
2x2 C&C
Cavy Comforter
30" x 30"

$32.00 each
2x3 C&C
Cavy Comforter
30" x 45"

$43.00 each
2x4 C&C
Cavy Comforter
30" x 60"

$61.00 each
2x5 C&C
Cavy Comforter
30" x 75"

$79.00 each
3x3 C&C
Cavy Comforter
45" x 45"

$76.00 each
Tommy 82
Cavy Comforter
20" x 33"

$30.00 each
Tommy 120
Cavy Comforter
22" x 47"

$40.00 each
Cavy Comforter

$19.50 each
Mansion & Estates 
Cavy Comforter

$36.75 each
Cavy Comforter

$38.00 each
23" x 40" 
Cavy Comforter

$33.00 each
Cavy Comforter

$43.00 each
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