Climbing Critters Accessories
Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Gliders, Rats, and other pets love to rest their paws in softness as well as play just like any other. I am pleased to bring, Climbing Critters Accessories. Made with only fleece and/or flannel for their safety, these are fun comforts for the tiny paws in your family.

Cotton prints may still be selected for ferret items and those who have proven not to normally have a fabric taste testing snack.

Climbing Critter Accessories have appropriate hanging options for each size. See ordering form for available options.
Please remember to always check your climbing critter accessories for chewing and replace when needed.
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Acorn & Pumpkin houses bring the nuts out of everyone! Dwarf sizes have a single layer of fleece and designed to be used at floor level.  Small and larger sizes have the standard flannel & fleece (or fleece & fleece) and can be used hanging or at floor level. 

Cozies are traditional warm snuggly spots for your loved one. They are great to help pick up and hold your pet as well, allowing them to stay in their known safe place helps to bond with them.

Hammocks, what critter doesn't love to perch and look out to all that is happening, or snuggle in for some uplifting dreams.

Hanging Hide-a-ways are the latest rave! Just ask Ash (picture above) disturbed from her nap, the picture says it all.

Lounger Bed is a simple all fleece bed that can hold your loved one with a soft fleece around them.
And if your little one just doesn't love this as much as another favorite, use it as a treat dish!

Tunnels are always fun places to climb through,
climb up, and hide in when just to tired to make it
to bed. One tunnel is never enough!

Blue Collar Beds are great reprieves for snack
times, and naps.

Critter Coves free with Combo Packs. Perfect
spot to hold shy ones in.

Ramp Braids by special request or pre-made.

Combo Packs include:
• 1 Cozy
• 1 Hammock
• 1 Hanging Hide-a-way
• 1 Lounger bed
• 1 Tunnel
• 1 Pumpkin
substitutes allowed:
• Cozy -> Corner Pocket
• Hide-a-way -> Hanging Pocket
• Lounger Bed -> Blue Collar Bed
Comment for any substitutes of Pumpkin
house from others you may see, not all can
be granted but I'll sure try.
Climbers 1 Sizes:
(dwarf hamsters)

   $4.00  (4" round/tall + stem)
   $3.00   (3-1/2'' x 3'')
   $3.00   (5'' x 6'')
Hanging Hide-a-way
   $6.00 (5'' x 6'')
Lounger Bed
  $4.00   (3' round' )
   $4.50 (5" round/tall + stem)
  $4.00   (3-1/2'' x 7'')
Blue Collar Bed
  $2.50   (3"x3")

Combo Pack
(valued at $24.50)

Climbers 2 Sizes:
(hamster & mice)

   $8.00   (7" round/tall + stem)
   $6.00   (6'' x 6'')
   $6.00   (8'' x 10'')
Hanging Hide-a-way
   $10.00  (8'' x 10'')
Lounger Bed
   $7.00   (6" round )
   $9.00   (7" round + stem)
   $5.50   (6'' x 10'')
Blue Collar Bed
  $5.00   (6"x6")

Combo Pack
(valued at $41.50)

Climbers 3 Sizes:
(hedgehogs, rats, sugar gliders, & squirrels)

   $17.00 (12' round/tall + stem)
   $10.00   (12'' x 12'')

   $8.00   (11'' x 14'')
Hanging Hide-a-way
   $13.00  (10'' x 12'')
Lounger Bed
   $10.00   (10'' round )
   $18.00 (12" round/tall + stem)
   $8.50   (9'' x 10'')
Blue Collar Bed
  $12.00   (12"x12")

Combo Pack
(valued at $67.50)


Blue Collar Bed

Blue Collar Bed

Combo Pack

Combo Pack

Critter Cove

Critter Cove

Hanging Hide-a-way

Hanging Hide-a-way



Select only one size :
select general colors as other prints and solids that are not listed can be used
Metal Snap Clip7/8"
Metal Pear Ring 3"
Climbers 3
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All products are unique creations by WindeSpirit and The Paw Crew at time of their design creation.
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