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Does your cage smell quickly?   One of the top 2 non-medical reasons for smelly cages is bacteria growing in and under bedding. 

Don't put up with it any more! The first  (and only one to my knowledge) that uses a microbial terry cotton that helps combat bacteria. Save money with washable bedding and give your smaller family members a healthier living area.

Bedding can range in all shapes and sizes to fit both cages, kennels, and carriers. If you have a particular need or just not sure, I will be glad help you.

Don't be fooled when it comes to bedding for your loved ones. No other has tested so many types of fabrics to know what works best for specific needs and how to blend the fabrics together to save you money, please the eye, make cleaning easier an quicker, and most importantly, help protect your loved ones.

In efforts to help clarify which type of cage blanket you would like to purchase, I've renamed  2 of the 3 types to better suit what previous customers sometimes describe them as.
                      Please be sure to use the correct name when inquiring.

Cavy Comforters (formerly known as Traditional Cage Blankets) are made with fleece, layered batting or triple thickness batting (materials decision dependent) and cotton backing. As of July 2009, all backings will be made with absorbent terry cloth cotton. Flannel, corduroy, denim and other lighter-weight cottons may still be requested for kennels and lighter absorbency needed living spaces.

Reversible Smooth Walking Ease (SWE) Cage Blankets are made up of a total of 4 layers, 2 layers of  absorbent cotton centered in layer of fleece on each side.

Cavy Cage Liners ( formerly known as Fleece & Terry Cage Blankets) are made up of fleece and absorbent terry cotton only.

Kennel Comforters are the same as Cavy Comforters with fleece, layered batting and terry cloth backing for absorbing those accidents. It is only the name that is the difference to help those with transport kennels to find their sizes easier.
Help! I don't know which to choose!!

Also opt for smaller sizes to help make cleaning even easier. If you have a 2x4 C&C size cage, get two 2x2 C&C Cavy Comforters. Have a 2x5 instead?  Try a 2x3 and 2x2.
Have a 3x4?  Try 2 - 2x3's.
Should your cage ever change, these are the most universal sizes, and perfect for taking on vacations. Anything larger then a 2x4 can wrap around in the washer and not get cleaned as well.

Be sure to get a extra for changing!
What is a C&C Cage?
Cubes and Coroplast. Coroplast is often used to make signs, most commonly seen around election time and at gas stations outside.
Cubes are wire grids that connect together, designed and marketed in stores to make cubical style shelving.

As you can see in some of the photos above and below, the two are joined to make the preferred cage type for guinea pigs. Cage size and air flow matters to their health! Grids (cubes) are counted by the number of grids used because they are a universal size, no need to measure. 

Bonus - C&C cages are the least expensive cages for guinea pigs. Obtain supplies to build your own at Warehouse Supplies for 14" grids, and Home Depot for coroplast if your local rescue does not sell them. Visit to learn more and other helpful ideas in the forums section.

C&C Paw Crew Living Area
3 piggies- 2x8  with multiple size Cavy Comforters and CC Liners for changing messy areas without changing the whole cage. Tunnels can be strategically placed at overlapping spots. Changes from Comforters to Liners and also different fleeces of  texture allow blind (like Snow) or nearly blind piggies, more easily know where they are in the cage. This helps reduce their need to rely on another or from becoming easily distressed. 
Customizing Tips:
•Full size unmodified grids are standard 14 inches, when possible, state the number of grids.
•Measure in inches or centimeters, just be sure to state which you are using.
•References to of what you are thinking of is always appreciated, be it color, design, etc...
•Round blankets for play pools, measure the floor inside your pool.
•Do Not add extra to your measurements for material shrinkage allowances. I already do this for you!
•Two story and greater cages, please specify the dimensions of secondary and additional levels or platforms as these vary by brand and year made.
•Diagrams are very helpful and necessary for correct cut out placements for ramps.  Draw one on a sheet a paper and take a photo to send, or make one in your paint program. (file formats preferred:  jpeg, gif, png, psd)
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