Cavy Cage Liners
(formerly known as F&T Cage Blankets)
Cavy Cage Liners are the original liners designed to meet the needs of your loved ones living area. Designed specially for Guinea Pigs, loved and used also by other animals and people for other purposes as well.

Oversized for stated floor area.
Made with fleece and absorbent terry cotton.

Cavy Cage Liner "styles" is the optional way fleeces are put together to make the top of each Cavy Cage Liner. Styles are visual eye candy for you and your loved ones and aids them with their vision, specially as they grow older or those already with lower quality vision.
Great for frequent washing due to the lesser bulk in washer load size, and the reduced prices makes it even more feasible to grab some extras to switch out between washes.

Not sure these are right for you?  Here's some highlights to help you decide:
•Good for smooth walking surfaces with a firm cushion to walk and run on.
•Best for high traffic areas that need changed often.
•Best for those with small washers and small storage space when not in use.
•Cost saving for those that have lots of extra tunnels, beds, and soft things to lay on so a soft place to find is never a problem.

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"I LOVE these things!  The side of the cage that gets so dirty every day I can just take one of these out, shake it off and put a clean one in. 5 minutes and their cage is clean. LOVE IT!!  I've finally got enough to change one out every day so I only have to do 2 loads of laundry every week, one for blankets and one for beds and houses. Our water bill has even gone down. Did I mention how much I LOVE these?!  Thank you so much.." -Erika P.
Sizes :
1x2 C&C (15" x 30")
1x3 C&C  (15" x 45") 
1x4 C&C  (15" x 60")
1x5 C&C 
(15" x 75")
2x2 C&C 
(30" x 30") 
2x3 C&C  (30" x 45")
2x4 C&C  (30" x 60")
2x5 C&C  (30" x 75")

2x6 C&C 
(30" x 90")
3x3 C&C 
(45" x 45")
3x4 C&C  (45" x 60")
3x5 C&C  (45" x 75")
4x5 C&C   (60" x 75")

Tommy 82 
(20" x 33")
Tommy 120  (22" x 47")

Midwestern  (27" x 47")

1x2 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
15" x 30"

$16.00 each
1x3 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
15" x 45"

$23.00 each
1x4 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
15" x 60"

$29.00 each
1x5 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
15" x 75"

$37.00 each
2x2 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
30" x 30"

$26.00 each
2x3 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
30" x 45"

$33.00 each
2x4 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
30" x 60"

$51.00 each
2x5 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
30" x 75"

$65.00 each
2x6 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
30" x 90"

$80.00 each
3x3 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
45" x 45"

$57.00 each
3x4 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
45" x 60"

$78.00 each
3x5 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
45" x 75"

$97.00 each
4x5 C&C
Cavy Cage Liner
60" x 75"

$126.00 each
Tommy 82
Cavy Cage Liner
20" x 33"

$26.00 each
Tommy 120
Cavy Cage Liner
22" x 47"

$31.00 each
Cage Liner
17" x 23"

$16.00 each
23" x 40"
Cage Liner

$28.00 each
25" x 37"
Cage Liner

$31.25 each
25" x 41"
Cage Liner

$32.75 each
Cage Liner
24" x 47"

$33.00 each
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