Bonding Pockets
Bonding Pockets help you keep your loved ones close to you and allow you to keep both hands free.

All Bonding Pockets have a generous length strap that you can adjust the length to your comfort.

Made with cotton or flannel print with a fleece interior and layer of batting along the sides. At the bottom center is a layer of absorbent cotton to help absorb any accidents to keep you both dry. Also, the bottom has a curved "D" shape to allow more comfortable leg room. Each size includes a mesh cloth window to allow you to easily see in and allow plenty of fresh air in. Zippers are optional. Optional text embroidery is place on the outter side of the flap.

(W x D x H)

    • Small - approximately   10" x 5" x 5" with 2" x 4" window
                  accommodates 1 rat or hedgehog
    • Medium - approximately   12" x 5" x 12"  with 4" x 4" window
                  accommodates 1 guinea pig or cuy
    • Large - approximately   15" x 5" x 15" with  7-8" x 7-8" window
                 accommodates 1-2 ferrets or 1 cat or miniature/small dog
(10lb max)

$13.00 each


$16.50 each


$22.00 each

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