When you're not sure what size you need, the best thing to do is get out a ruler or tape measure, even if you need to measure your arm or other item if that is your best sizing reference.

Also, use the product description to find the best size suitable.

I try to list the smallest size of animal that a product can accommodate of their typical size ranges.
Common mistakes to avoid is dwarf hamster sizes for the larger syrian hamster sizes, or ferret sizes for cat sizes.

When measuring, only measure the width, height, and length. Please do not send circumferences unless asked.  If you'd like to make a diagram for a visual aid and include it in a message, I'm always happy to get a clearer clarity.

I have a habit of making things on the slightly larger side, to help with any unforeseeable shrinkage from use and cleaning.  For this reason alone, do not add extra inches to what you wish made when taking measurements since I already do this.

Animal sizes -
I've tried my best to keep the size listings as explanatory and helpful as possible. Use the measuring help above and product descriptions to order the best size of design you like.  If you still are unsure or need more help,  contact me with your questions and I'll do my best to help you.

The human sizes -

Some items are one size fits all, such as headbands and scarves.
T-shirts and cotton hoodies are purchased name brands, such as Jerzee and Fruit of Loom.
Fleece hoodies and jackets I make myself with equal to Jerzee and Fruit of Loom brand sizes.

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Image copyrights are owned /held by WindeSpirit, Sewing 4 A Cause, and /or it's respective owner with permissions.
All products are unique creations by WindeSpirit and The Paw Crew at time of their design creation.
All rights reserved.

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