Rainbow Bridge
Song Title - Forever In My Heart
By - Kenny Loggins
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Stars of The Paw Crew
Forever In Our Hearts They Will Live
Forever Part Of Our Family
Shakes <-- he started it!


Shakes, my first Guinea Pig; heart breaker, trickster, lover boy, Big Guy.

He stole my heart with his antics, tag kisses play time, and every thing he did. I can not say how much joy he brought into my life and begun "our" small family. Not a day passes that I do not feel the loss of his passing. But his memory will always live on. "He started it", really does apply in a happy way.

Shakes piggy job - made sure the over all effectiveness of things and kept everyone in line, even me!

Summer 2003 - June 2nd, 2009 - Forever In Our Hearts



Pepper ~ My dear sweet Pretty Pepper, you came to me and Shakes when it was just us two and began the Family that we have welcomed others into. You have blessed us over the years with many things great and small. When you first came to us and Shakes was a naughty little man, soon after you blessed us with T-Patch and Skimper. And I'm not sure when that glow happened, but you had it then and kept it throughout the years. A glowing pride that only grew brighter when you and Shakes were together, an instant calmness to anyone who looked at you. You and Shakes have the love that everybody dreams of, and everybody could see it when they met you. You were my neck snuggler and enjoyed getting under my hair, though I didn't much care for the barbering. Mother and Friend that all the other girls would call up to. You enjoyed the company of both Cotton and Lucky the most and sometimes S.G., and I hope you are again once more. I can not deny we are all heart broken. It has been unusually quiet here, Shakes nor T-Patch has made a peep. Flora is trying to take up your dinner calls to try and bring us all back to a normality. You also enjoyed watching movies when the projector got turned on, but would come running only for 2, your favorite was Spirit.

You are also the true reason I began sewing. Sure I made Shakes a blanket by hand, but it was you Pepper, that I bought a machine and began to make cage blankets and yours was the first cozy pocket ever made and the first embroidery I had ever done. You are the one who inspired me to put my other needleworks aside and still 14 years later to get back to! I can only hope I'm living up to the Honor an Memory of you.

May your spirit soar free, pastures green always be under your feet, blue skies and sunshine above. And I pray that one day, we will All find one another once again.

October 2003 - March 20th, 2009  -  Forever In Our Hearts




Feb. 3rd, 2004 - January 27th, 2010 - Forever In Our Hearts  -  Brother to Skimper. First born to Pepper.

It's not hard to see how you got your name my little T-man. So much like your pappa, you were a good husband to Cotton, Lucky, S.G., Flora, and Snow. You had a special otherworldly vibe about you and would chase away those ghostly demons. A protector, a comforter, a soother to the soul, and snuggle lover to all. Just a plain out charmer who would put up with the lot of us girls and stuff we'd dish out to you, making you try new things, and the ladies kicking you out of those new things so they could try. You took it all in stride and grinned for the camera, enjoying your time away to help get meals ready. Alas, a piggies life is much to short. We were all blessed and sometimes, still blessed when it feels like you are watch in on us. Until we meet again T-man.




Feb. 3rd, 2004 - ??2009?? - Forever In Our Hearts - Brother to T-Patch. Second born to Pepper.

You got to share the first year with the human boys in Michigan, and another couple years with me until Amber left us and you found a harem of girls to watch over. Since then we've lost track with one another, but there's been times I've felt you were near. Though apart, we are always family and that bond has never been broken, between you, me, or the 2 legged boys. Hope you are and Jr. are hanging out over the bridge , I know he missed you.



Amber Feb-March 2004 - July 8th, 2007  (aka Little Ox)  Forever In Our Hearts

Came into the rescue the same day adopted her in May 2004. Having a head tilt with ears noticibly chewed on, that became a thing of the past as she began to thrive. Since joining our family, and becoming a wife to Skimper, spent the first half in Michigan with the boys becoming Vins's little fuzzy heart. Then living out the other half of her life with me. We learned of cataracs (blind) in one eye, deaf in one ear, enlarged heart, diabetes, and the nasties of cancers. One not to be pushed around but rather do the pushing, she was still big on lovings. With all her problems it was decided any surgery would be put off until she started to show slowing down or tummy getting large (due to the cancer). In Feb."07 I took her in for a emergency removal, and it was doubly confirmed maglignant cancer. She would have to have the surgery repeated every couple months. A bit much to put such a love thru time after time. So I waited until Vins came back for the summer and we made the decision to let her keep her dignity and had her put to sleep when she started showing signs of distress again.   Ambers motto was - It's all about me!    



This lovely lady was lucky endeed! The rescue I adopted her from in May 2004, said she was facing a snake intended on making her a meal, and she was pregnant. I had intended to get already spayed sows for brides to T-patch & Skimp, but that quickly changed the moment she was brought out. I knew before even holding her that she'd be coming home. I noticed something was off too and that sealed it, she needed us too. First meet the vet visit I insisted on a x-ray, and good thing, because she had a stone baby in her. Recovery was a longer road causing her a more sensitive digestive track, plus she had a enlarged heart. I learned I was a huge baby and had to have our retired nurse neighbor give Lucky her motility shots and sub-Q's! None of that slowed her down much, part of the 3+lb club and some days tipping into 4lbs, she was a big girl. Queen of the Loungers from day one!! and never took any bullying, she was one tough lady that liked to switch between cages of Shakes & T-patch later on. She was also our people piggie, she'd prefer to be out and about with me weather in the kitchen, tending the grass tables and soaking up the sun, or chilling out to watch a movie or watch me sew. But luck seems to run out at some point. Durning a 3 day trip to Texas in "08, a co-worker that was coming in to take care of the piggies said Lucky somehow managed to escape and fall out of her 4-1/2ft high condo cage, she found her on the floor the second day. That was the first and last time I ever had someone not living in the home, care for my wee loves.
May 2004 about 1yr old already - April 25th, 2008   Forever In Our Hearts

Squirrley Girl (aka S.G. And Sweet Girl)


Squirrley Girl (aka S.G.)(aka Sweet Girl)

Such a small girl, such a awnery girl!   Coming to us from a box of piggies left out in a parking lot on the hottest day of the year, one of 4 that survived. The smallest one of the bunch, but with the fiercest of hearts. You never did really find your nitch between cages, sometimes with Shakes & Pepper, sometimes with T-patch & Lucky, you just never seems to fit right in anyone one place for very long before switching back to another. Nor were you much of a people piggy, always nipping and wanting to be put back. Until you had a hernia at 2 yrs old. I created a house for you so you could watch the sky, you always like to watch out the windows. After a year of struggling with post-surgery and second hernia, you gave up the fight the night of the meteor shower. I guess you caught your ride on the shooting stars for adventures beyond your small body.

Early summer 2004 - September 2007  -  Forever In Our Hearts


Cotton ~ So many feelings and memories, it is hard to find the words that match all in my heart. The strongest bond we shared was knowing when we just needed one another to snuggle with. The years have been short, but filled with wonderful memories we will always carry with us. You were and always will be our Cotton Princess that has a special kindness in your heart, soft kisses, and the friend that everybody looks for. Take care of your feet sweetie, until the day comes I can once again pamper them again.

June 2004 ~ March 2nd, 2009  -  Forever In Our Hearts

Lil' Lady

Lil' Lady Feb 2005 - April 2005

Coming to us in March from a mid-state animal control, you and your brother was houses together and so very young, barely old enough to leave your momma. Inevitably, your brother impregnated you before I got you and the vet and I decided with 4 inside you, there was no way you'd survive it, but still also to young to undergo a surgery. It wasn't a good situation, so we risked the surgery with that standing a better chance after I did a sewing marathon to raise the money for it. Successful though it was, your so tiny and very young body just couldn't handle the strain. Couple days later, I woke up quarter to 5am and walked out to you only in enough time to give you final kiss goodbye. You was the first piggy I ever lost, and much, much to young. After losing you, I decided to keep your brother and gave you a position you deserved. You also inspired the r.i.p. replacement for, Forever In Our Hearts They Will Live. (F.I.O.H. - forever in our hearts).




Coming to us with his sister in March of 2005 from animal control, so very young, barely old enough to be away from his mother. A very skittish boy who lost his sister shortly after, he joined Lucky and S.G. who were both, already spayed. Thriving with the girls and growing in leaps and bounds, it didn’t take him long to fill out and how us how lovely long hair looked on a boy. Gorgeous!  A few years went by and we lost S.G. and then Lucky, leaving him alone again. After searching for a couple of girls, we soon went to meet up with a rescue at a fellow GL’ers home that was mid-way between. You gave Flora & Snow the most attention so the girls came home with us. The date was set to get you all ladies friendly with a snip&clip it was a few weeks before you got to snuggle with your new brides. And it was love.  Though not so much love getting your long locks buzzed off, you were always a gentleman.

Feb 2005 – August 8th, 2009 – Forever In Our Hearts



Flora  (aka Flirting Flora)

Already a mother and over a year old at a Kansas rescue in May 2008, Frick picked you and your daughter to give the most attentions to with the ‘bars of matrimony’ between until the marriage could be safely consummated. It was love right from the start. You would flirt with Frick and lay next to the side splitting the cage from him, the courtship was adorable. Never once did you stray from your motherly watch over your daughter Snow. You were such a loving piggy. Not long after we all moved to another state and my jokes about piggy jobs got a little fun. You played the role of overall effectiveness of everything and everyone, and specialized in wetness testing. Ensuring the right amount of comforts for full figures. Mother’s day 2011 wasn’t all it was cracked up to be though. Showing signs of slowing down since losing Frick and then T-patch, you passed away quietly in the night with Snow and Mr.Snugglekin’s beside to comfort your broken heart, yearning to see her love again.

 May 8th, 2011 – Forever In Our Hearts



Snow – April 2008 - January 31st, 2012  -  Forever In Our Hearts

So much personality for such a small piggy! Don't get into a snow ball fight with this girl, she packs a punch with her keen senses. Specializing in making sure things function well for sight problems and things stay firm enough for fast walking, she was adopted with her momma, Flora. Snow had a neurological problem that had her acting much like a lethal piggy who had teeth. Blindness didn’t slow her down one bit for the first few years, then she gradually started relying more on Mr.Snugglekin’s after losing her momma. Or perhaps it was just the need to know someone else was there, maybe a bit of both. Snow was special, that there is no doubt. She also enjoyed going for short trips in her bags, one from Sabrina, one from Laura, she adored going out veggie shopping with me in them and getting special snacks washed up specially for her. Teeth did finally become a problem and we lost her due to the anesthetics.  



Mr.Snugglekins  (aka Braken)

This handsome guy I met at the Texas rescue was another, I just knew. He clicked with me from the start, and right away with Snow.  Adopting the role of ‘man of the house’, Mr.Snugglekin’s had a wondrous gentle heart. Already a couple years old, age continued to creep ahead, his roles continue to grow in a day by day play of needs. He was one smart piggy too. After losing Flora and Snow, he free-roamed the home more often then not, finding all the spots the sun peeked in, and giving a helping paw in the sewing room as a foot warmer and reminding me to take breaks more often to play, until Selena came into our lives. Not so long after, Snuggles body was growing weary in age, and harder to come back around after each teeth trimming, till one day he wasn’t able to as I held him till he crossed over.

5½ -6yrs old – Feb.16th, 2013  -  Forever In Our Hearts




Looking for a older lady for Mr.Snugglekin’s, I found Selena on line at a rescue I would soon be passing by on a trip back to Michigan. Deciding to wait until the return trip to get her, I found out on the way home in the storms we passed, that Selena was a piggy after my own heart and like to watch the lightening and rain. She loved to chill out and relax with me and just watch them and all the lightening. I always wondered what she thought of in those times.  Arriving home and with the ‘bars of matrimony’ in place, she soon adjusted to Mr.Snugglekin’s and they joined their cages and life for the next year while arrangements where made to manage the cyst in her ovary. A lady who knows what she wanted and learned quickly of when to push and when not to, to get her way, Selena had a outstanding personality and adored attention from both people and piggies. In the first week with us, she established her role as the new absorbency and lofty cushion tester. The year was short lived though losing Snuggles, then I left her for another trip back to Michigan to bury a son. It got pretty quiet around the house after that and she spent her days in the sewing room with me watching movies on a Kindle a fellow GL’er gave me until the ice storm just before Christmas and she took a turn for the worse. Not able to drive anywhere, was holidays and places closed due to all the ice, it only took 2 days for a sticker in the hay to infect her paw, already dealing with the cyst getting larger and age making no surgery, I did the only thing I could. I kept her drugged up with pain med that she greedily took and held her for two days till she passed.

Dec. 5th, 2013  -  Forever In Our Hearts



I always avoided them, but for some reason I watched your, "I'm adoptable" video. It wasn't even close to over before "you're mine" popped out of my mouth, talking to the screen. For 1½ months I sewed my heart out to raise the money to drive out to get you, half way across the country. I don't recall even realizing you were a Cuy until somewhere in the middle of that, but it didn't matter, we were just meant to be. The first to move me after so many losses, I still can't explain it.

Teeth were your problem we learned together, then one fateful night I fell ill and failed you for a week, making your teeth problems go unwatched. I got you in to get fixed up again, but infection has started to set in already. We gave that infection a good battle, and somehow I failed you again by missing some of it. At that time we didn't know it, but some of the infection got in your blood stream. In the wee hours of the morning and sleeping by your cage, something woke me up only to pick you up to give our final kisses to one another. It shattered my heart again.

Adopted: 11-7-2014 about a 1yr old                9-11-16  Forever In Our Hearts



Cinderella (aka Cinder) (aka Brownie)

It was a brutal holiday season with tornados in neighboring town. Looking for small ones after, I found you and your sister at the local shelter. Mites were obvious, in a stressful place for piggies and food not healthy, you were welcomed into our home. Scurvy was the immediate problem as it was noticeable in your back, and though your appetite was good, it just wasn't enough for so long with lack of proper food. For 3 months you protected your sister until you must have felt the home was safe and you started to give in, then she protected and looked after you. Later we learned you were also battling a aggressive caner that I had mistaken as normal weight gain of proper nutrition.

Born estimated Nov-Dec 2014  -   July 9th, 2016  Forever In Our Hearts

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