Meet The Stars
What being part of The Paw Crew is first and foremost, being part of the family.

Each member plays their own special role that no other can do like they can. Working their wheekers for extra corn husks and silks, they enjoy life in a luxury of comfort and are happy to greet me each day with the "boop" hello. Always eager for new things to try out, they make their opinions well known if something is a hit or miss, or if something just needs a bit more work. Never forced to do anything unwilling, they are usually happy to climb aboard, unless of course it involves a vet, nail trims, or a bath!  Sometimes the scale isn't very nice either, but that's more of a after dinner taboo.
A fun and spunky little story to come!
Guardian and protector of the homestead. A big baby at heart that will jump at a leaf and cowers to thunder, but visitors beware. She sounds like a live wire as stereotype smaller dogs do, greeting her must be done slowly with our help so she can overcome the freight of a stranger. While we will never put our full trust in her to watch out for the smaller animals, she always stands ready to give bark protection and keep any in her home from harm.

Loves getting paid with snuggles, belly rubs, or any kind of attention. Of course, her special meat & peanut butter treats, and the occasional ice cream bowl sharing. Scavenging for the stray piggy "tic-tacs" is a favorite past time.
With a heavy heart, Clover was helped to be eased of her bodies pains and the constant ever growing multiple tumors.
July 27th, 2018  Forever In Our Hearts
Sadly, the rest of The Paw Crew family has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We spent many great years together, and while no longer with us in body, they will be Forever In Our Hearts.
Forever Part Of Our Family.
This lovely little miss Annett was a destiny disguised. On the final trip to see my grandmother before she went to her long earned rest, Luna and I stopped in at our favorite rescue in Indiana on the return trip home. Crystal introduced me to all the wee ones and getting to the last few, this little girl was said to be harder to place. I removed the house, put in my hand and she came to me, just a touch of her nose and decision was made. Getting back on the road, it was the night before the official night of the January super blue blood moon, but looking straight out the window it already looked it, it was a sight I will hold in my mind forever.  After getting home, we all quickly learned her feisty little playful spirit! and I knew her name needed to be something more fitting.  Child of the moon she is, in many ways, even her one foot has a shadow of a sock on. Playful and spunky as a adolescent, Amaris is still learning all the new things and finding her role. So far it is hiding behind or being Luna's blanket, (much to Luna's displeasure) and working on being a quiet little cage thunder with aspirations of being big and loud like Luna.  It has been a treat so far to watch Amaris learn and grow, and it's only been a few short weeks with many years to come, we hope.