WindeSpirit  (Becky)

I like unique. I like different. Always have, always will. With a imaginations that gets inspired easily from every day life, a need to give it a outlet, a life long passion to create things, mix in love for animals with a dedication to guinea pigs, and sewing.   

One day my kids father decides to give me a guinea pig after over a year of not finding the 'right' dog for my, current at time, apartment living. It's love at first sight for me, Shakes took a bit longer in gaining trust, but he did quickly. Looking back, it's easy to see, I needed him just as much as he needed me.

In 2003 I started making cage blankets, pockets (aka cozy), pads, tunnels, and houses. What I didn't expect was others asking to make some for them as well. The requests was becoming greater, both internet and people driving by thinking things hung out to dry was for sale. In 2004 products became available to order regularly on line, and for a brief time on KM's Hay Loft, until that very quickly got to be a bit much for both of us to keep up with. As they say, the rest is history.

The Paw Crew - past and present:

The paws that have tested and helped design products available to you today. But why do we include the past? Because it doesn't matter where they rest their heads, they will always be a part of who and what we are.

Guinea Pigs: Shakes, Pepper, T-Patch, Skimper, Lucky, Amber, Cotton, Squirrley Girl (aka S.G.), Lil' Lady, Frick, Flora, Snow, Mr.Snugglekin's, Selena, Beatriz, Luna, Cinderella, Ellie, Amaris Annett, and Webby.

Dogs: Clover
Cats : Little T (aka Little Trouble)
Others: LuLu, Sleepy, Zip, Pappa R, Wink, Ash, Pixie, Spaz, Grouch, Tunnler, Comet, Friendly, Mitz, Corx, Punk and Pal
Honors to product testers that has vacationed with us and/or worked out of their own home:  Elliott, Rosie & Darlene, Willie, Peaches & Rosie, Silverado and BanditMouse, and Roden.

See more of the Stars! without them, I wouldn't be doing this today. Each had their own way of keeping me vigilant to their different needs, or how I put it around here, they had their own "job" by just being happy and enjoy life in our family.

Guinea Pigs have jobs? In our home, yes, they do! Hold up before you say anything, read the rest. They show me what works, what works for certain problems, what they really enjoyed, and things that just isn't going to work out. Of course making sure things were going to be safe and promote being healthy. But no worries, all the animals are more then happy to try things out that pamper their paws. Nobody is ever forced, though sometimes a coaxing treat is involved for pictures on my time line instead of theirs. The reality, we are just like everyone else, I just apply the titles to what is already going on, in the spirit of fun.

So how are their jobs figured out?  Easy, I learn what their needs are the most and I just apply the titles to fit the 'job'. For example, Cotton and Beatriz loved to play with their bottle and get themselves all wet, emptying a 32oz bottle a day. So both needed some extra absorbency, thus becoming our wetness experts and keeping bums dry. Cotton with long hair did double job duty with that.  And Luna is our big girl, well surpassing 5lbs! She's our house and roominess tester. Obviously being a big cuy girl, 2-3 piggies could easily fit inside a comfortable house for only one of her, so she gets to be the size tester. Ellie is taking up what Snow use to do. While Ellie isn't a lethal white, her first exam showed signs of a stroke and high stress, effecting her sight and some hearing loss that shows worsening with age so I put her in the lethal classification for jobs and there is many things in that. And obviously Clover is security and doubles as my doorbell with all her barking, it's a perfect job for a dog! So what is your loved ones job around the home?  Even the veggie and snack reminders have important jobs, after all, some of us really do forget how long it's been since last we ate!

Some have asked if all the different breeds was on purpose. Nope! They came to me because we needed each other. The different breeds was just by coincidence and I was able to take a little bit of advantage of that in learning breed specifics and needs. But it is fun to say we all live up to our family name in variety and sweetness!
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